Build to Scale

Empower Tech Growth in Memphis With BBA


At the Black Business Association of Memphis (BBA), we believe that the IT sector in Memphis has enormous potential for growth and the empowerment of Black-owned businesses. That’s because these sectors play a vital role in driving economic development, innovation, and job creation. 

Our Build to Scale initiative seeks to help foster the full potential of IT growth in Memphis while continuing to support Black entrepreneurs and businesses. Learn more about this grant-funded initiative and if you would like to be part of the BBA’s mission, fill out a membership application today!


to (901) 441-8411 to stay up to date with IT growth in the Memphis market!

Transforming the IT Sector With Build to Scale

Build to Scale is a groundbreaking grant-funded initiative aimed at transforming the IT sector in Memphis. With the collaborative efforts of the Black Business Association of Memphis (BBA), the University of Memphis, and Community LIFT, this initiative strives to empower microbusinesses and propel them toward success as small businesses in the technology, IT, and engineering sectors. By providing essential resources, fostering active participation, and cultivating a supportive environment, Build to Scale aims to revitalize the IT sector and create pathways for growth and success.


to (901) 441-8411 to stay up to date with IT growth in the Memphis market!

Leveraging Expertise and Local Support

One important aspect of this initiative is that it harnesses the collective expertise and support of key local community members: the University of Memphis, Community LIFT, and the BBA. As a  Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Community LIFT will focus on raising capital, while the BBA will utilize our business expertise and networks to partner with Community LIFT in raising these funds. The University of Memphis will coordinate efforts and handle all initiative reporting. We believe that this collaborative approach wi

Build to Scale and BBA

As a pillar for economic empowerment in Memphis, the BBA is dedicated to improving the economic well-being of the community by supporting successful entrepreneurs and Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs). By fostering collaboration with the University of Memphis and Community LIFT, this Build to Scale program enables the BBA to further our mission by providing tailored education, advocacy, and business development resources to local black-owned Memphis businesses.

Igniting IT Growth and Economic Development in Memphis

Build to Scale is not just an initiative; it is a transformative movement aimed at advancing IT growth in Memphis. By leveraging collaboration, expertise, and resources from our local community, this program is poised to drive economic development, innovation, and equitable opportunities. Together, let us embrace the potential of Build to Scale and pave the way for sustainable growth and prosperity in the Memphis community. Reach out to the BBA with any questions or to join our organization!