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“Point A” for Minority Businesses since 1974

For many, the Black Business Association of Memphis has been “Point A” for minority business growth and development in the city of Memphis.  Over the years, personalized services, networking support and one-on-one counseling have been available for BBA members.






Everett Burton of Quickbooks Made to Order

BBA Memphis is privileged to have Mr. Burton as part of the BBA Memphis Membership family. He is a nationally known Certified QuickBooks consultant and one of the most dynamic professional speakers and empowerment trainers in the country. His concept, “QuickBooks Made To Order”, is designed to make learning and using QuickBooks simple and easy.

If you’ve never explored the wonderful world of podcasts, get your ears ready for your new go-to information dissemination tool. Similar to talk radio shows, podcasts consist of a host or hosts discussing a wide range of subject material, interviewing guests, telling stories, or some combination thereof.  And just like those same shows, many also have theme songs or background music, and regular commercials.

Expect no difference from BBA Podcasts, but we will be hyper-focused on what’s happening in our community – especially regarding Black Business. Please come back frequently and scroll our list of podcasts and video podcasts curated to bring you current, thought-provoking useful information.

Just like other media, new BBA podcasts will hit the airwaves all the time so please check back often and regular to hear about what’s happening with Black Business in your community.

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