Strategic Programming

Networking People and Resources

BBA operates within the scope of its Strategic Plan.  This plan coordinates directly with multiple partners and stakeholders.  Within that construct we have multiple VIRTUAL programs to help us achieve our goals including:

BBA Podcast Network (BPN)

An active resource creating audio and business business content.

BBA Venture Services (BVS)

An active resource for entrepreneurs and seeking information and resources.

Beauty Week 2020 and Beyond

An innovative week of activities focusing on the business implications of Beauty in our community. Get Updates

Capital Impact 901

An effort to actively define capital resources for our members and stakeholders. 

Community Builder’s Network (CBN)

An active resource for business and real estate focused individuals seeking information.

Memphis Youth Entrepreneurship

An active resource focusing on the education and promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship.

Quickbooks Made to Order

Designed to make learning and using Quickbooks simple and easy.

Universal Life Insurance Company Building Toastmasters

(ULICB-Toastmasters) A networking and self-improvement resource for entrepreneurs looking to polish-up their presentation and public speaking skills. 

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